Rainbows, wind and dogs; Leasowe promenade and the North Wirral Coastal path

Not the most inspiring of views but a really lovely walk, made more interesting by the shenanigans of dozens of hyper-excited dogs overwhelmed by the combination of sand, sea, wind and the presence of other dogs. 

I do have one complaint, though; our walking book suggested we park on the promenade by the public toilets.  How wonderful, I thought. I will be comfortable for the whole walk, having started off with a visit to these public toilets. But it was not to be… They were well and truly locked.

Happily, at the next car park along (about half a mile up the prom) there was a row of pristine functional toilets, just opposite the Big Kids Circus, the noise of which was a little disconcerting when you are trying to finish your ablutions.


This is a bracing 6 and a half mile walk up the coast past the lighthouse and back along the sand dunes. On the way out the view of Liverpool and the north merseyside coast is fascinating.     Just the thing for Sunday afternoon, and for Rex.




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