Bread and Mudder

A journey of delights takes us to the start of this walk (No 5 in Circular Walks along the Sandstone Trail by Carl Rogers).  First Roberts Bakery; I never tire of the sight of hundreds of naked loaves gliding serenely around a huge circular core before they are clothed in their wrappings.

This is swiftly followed by Hartford Bridge; a vast duck-egg blue metal construction, like a giant’s meccano project.

It takes very little to raise my spirits and the sight of these two wonders is usually enough. Now if we can just find a toilet my life will be complete…

We pass The Hollies farm shop (which I’m sure will have a toilet) but we don’t stop till Tarporley and the start of the walk.

Much of this walk criss-crosses the golf course and I am not too keen on this. I fear we will be hit by a ball at any moment.  We survive this first part of the walk and continue on to the Sandstone way.  This is a 7 and a half mile walk but feels much more. Our feet are mired in mud almost all of the way, sometimes up to the ankles.

Squleching along we pass the fabulous Utkinton Hall, once the manor house for the wardens of Delamere Forest, now a rambling farm house. Glimpsed through what may have been the old gate posts at the top of the drive, one wonders what changes the building has seen since medieval times.

A lovely walk, but with little opportunity for privacy.  We should have stopped at The Hollies!


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