Warning- not for those of a delicate disposition.

Distance: 5.5 miles. 2hours50 minutes

Route: starts and ends at Primrosehill Wood near Delamere Forest, Cheshire , taking in Utkinton, part of the Sandstone Trail and Willington Wood. We followed directions in Walks in West Cheshire and Wirralby Jen Darling

Facilities: none-  and thereby hangs a tale…

This was a walk through magnificent Beech woods past  ancient burial mounds.  There was a fair amount of climbing, even scrambling, up through Primrosewood.   And there were lots of brambles…

Just yards away from the busy A49 we were in quiet greenery. But we were not alone…

Woods, lakes and


beautiful cottages dotted the path. 

Only one drawback; the lack of facilities. There used to be a very decent cafe on this route but, some years back, it closed after a family bereavement. The lack of toilets on the route caused me to take drastic action- in a patch of brambles.  Yes, I’m sure you can see what’s coming next so why didn’t I?  I overbalanced, backwards, at a delicate point and lay, sprawled and entangled in brambles, until spouse stopped laughing and helped me up.

It’s not funny! It was a very traumatic experience. OK???

You’ll be pleased to know I’m now fully recovered; all the better for a warm bath and liberal helpings of Germolene.


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