Day 3 of our UK Tour – Eden Centre

So far on this tour we have had glorious weather but … of course there is a but…this morning we woke up to see very little. Mist from the sea, rain at the windows and heavy cloud above. So we drove down south to the Eden Centre. 

I’ve never been before but there’s a first time for everything and I found it quirky, fascinating, educational and, above all else, strangely relaxing. There is just something so good for the soul to be surrounded by green, more green and yet more greenery. 

The rainforest and Mediterranean Biomes were everything I imagined them to be. The crowds, although it was busy, never got into each other’s way. The whole place is very accessible,with parking for Blue Badges (display your badge as you drive up to the car parks and staff will direct you to the best place), wheelchairs for use at the entrance and a land train to transport you round. 

And there are plentiful toilets, at every location. 

I’ll leave you with some pics; 


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