Last Post from Symi

Didn’t feel right, sending happy holiday posts. Woke up Tuesday morning to the Arena bombing unfolding before our eyes on BBC World news.  But right from the start the key message we heard was that this abominable thing has happened but we won’t let it divide us. We really do have More in Common. 

So that’s why this post is over a week late.
Our last few days on Symi saw a long walk to Toli beach, a lazy day round the harbour and a shorter walk over the hill to Nimborio. 

  • Sunday; 

The walk to Toli is one that we usually do with company and it was quite a challenge to find the route ourselves. We relied on memory and referred to Frances’ book Walking on Symi- A Pocket Guide but still managed to go slightly wrong twice. 

Distance; not sure but it’s about 2 hours each way

Route; From Horio we took the donkey track out (signposted Xsisos) then turned right to walk over the top and enjoy this view of Symi;

From there we followed the red and blue dots which Frances has painted on the route. On the way back we diverted across the scrub with a great view of Nimborio bay, coming out at the end of the square in Yialos.  But please, if you are going to take this route please buy a guide book, speak to local walkers or refer to  It is only too easy to get lost otherwise. 

Facilities; Daphne restaurant at Toli is wonderful. Beautiful salads for me and the meat eaters report excellent carnivore type dishes. There are also great toilets with enough space to change for the beach (which, by the way is good with relatively safe swimming).  However, if you are walking early or late in the season, check that the restaurant is open.  It was closed when we went but, having expected that, we took a picnic with us. 

Apart from that, nada.

  • Monday

The following day we had a lovely relaxed day around the harbour. We popped into the Kaladoukas office to pay our transfers.  I really can’t recommend them too highly and I’m so pleased we asked Kaladoukas to book our ferry transfers.  They arranged our unplanned stay in Rhodes and rebooked us on the next boat out at no extra cost. It was like booking a package holiday with an a la carte firm; secure, professionally organised and exactly to our taste.

We did, however, experience an unwanted guest – a cat burglar.

  • Tuesday

Walk to Nimborio

This is a walk we have done on almost every trip to Symi – at least seven occasions now.  So many times that even I can remember it. 

Distance;  about 45 minutes from the far end of Symi harbour to Nimborio beach.

Route; from the back of the square in Yialos a concrete road climbs up sharply to pass some goat, chicken and (sometimes) peacock enclosures. After this the stone path forks to the right and continues across the hill with views of Nimborio below.

This path eventually reaches the road (see for directions).   

Facilities; Continue along the road and you will come to a pebbly beach but then, if you follow the Taverna signs you come to Maria’s taverna; blackboard menu, friendly welcome and sunbeds. And, of course, toilets. 

A relaxing end to our week in Symi.  Back next year….


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