Route; circuitous

Distance; who knows- it took 3 hours rather than the usual 60 minutes.

Facilities; non existent

We’ve been very busy the past couple of days walking to various places on this part of the island.  Years ago, when we first came to Symi, we bought a book from the Kaladoukas office (there’s one at the bottom of the Kali Strata and another somewhere near to the top) called Walking on Symi- A Pocket Guide coincidentally written by Frances who was later to become our best contact in Symi.  The book was published in 1998 and, although there have been added updates, it’s not completely reliable these days but we still use it. 

Yesterday we went to St. Nicholas bay walking up to Chorio, on the hill, down to Pedi, through the scrub, and along the coastal path to the beach on St.Nicholas. It’s a walk we have done six or seven times and usually takes about an hour from apartment to sunbed…

The first half went well. We stopped to admire the view on the walk up to Chorio; 

And were ourselves observed by someone; 

We walked from Chorio down the Panormitis road until the path to the left appeared

Walked down the path past terraced gardens, what I call allotments, and several goats. 

Resisted the temptation to detour to the Ancient Fortifications of Drakos 

and carried on over difficult and stony ground until…

The road was closed and we could go no further. We tried and tried to take a detour or to sneak past the closure but our way was barred by a ravine, stout fences, spiky brambles and wet tarmac (the latter the reason for the road closure). We were so close to Pedi.

Eventually we had to admit defeat and walk back up to the Panormitis road and follow it all the way back to Chorio and on to Pedi. But we did make a friend on the way. 

He’d made much better progress than us. 

At Pedi we walked the coastal path to St Nicholas. When we first came to Symi this path was rough with a lot of clambering over rocks and heather. Over the past few years, the family who run the Taverna at St. Nicholas have put in a lot of work improving the path and now it is a relatively easy 15 minute walk. 

Usually we take a sunbed, swim, and lie out for a while before lunch but today, after getting lost, it was straight to the restaurant. There wasn’t much choice as it was so early in the season but we were grateful it was still there. 


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