While the sun shines. 

And, yes, the sun did show it’s warm, shining face. I even took off my cardigan as we walked from Yialos up to the windmills overlooking the bay. This is a walk of about half a mile as the crow flies but, of course, we are rooted to this stony ground so must follow the path. The track weaves around hillside houses, past washing lines onto the Kali Strata, the flight of 400 and odd stairs that links the harbour (Yialos) with the village (Chorio) of Symi town. After about twenty minutes you nip down a side street and it brings you out at this picture postcard viewpoint; 
Not that I can claim picture postcard status for my photo. 

After that it’s a ten minute stroll to Taverna Giorgio y Maria in Chorio for some Kalimari and Courgette rissoles. By now you will know which was my dish.  This taverna has a good menu with some choice for veggies and lovely clean toilets, accessible only down some stone steps which is, sadly, the norm on this hilly island. 


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