Just found in Drafts!!  Late but in earnest………  A May Day Message from Cheshire

Route; from Prestbury to Whiteley Green, through the Bollin Valley Way, along the River Bollin.  From East Cheshire Walks by Graham Beech.

Distance; 4.5 miles, about 2hrs 15 minutes. 

Facilities; The public toilets in Prestbury are out of commission but the route starts at Ye Olde Admiral Rodney Pub which appears walk friendly in a corporate way ( it’s website advertises walking breaks in the area and further afield).  

After a disastrous start when I forgot my gloves (yes it was May Day, yes the sun was out, it was too warm to wear a coat but I still felt the loss).  The other thing I forgot was my water bottle. And that is the strange thing about OCD; people think it’s about being in complete control, making lists and sticking to them, being neat, tidy and ordered in every way. Unfortunately, it doesn’t affect me like that. While I am occupied in making lists of useful items to take out, checking and rechecking, packing and repacking, I am so distracted that I then forget the essentials; like water. Luckily I have a spouse who doesn’t have OCD, never brings a full first aid kit and a change of clothes out on a walk but usually remembers to bring drinking water. 

Despite that ominous start this was a pleasant walk with very little in the way of ascent or descent to challenge most walkers. There were a couple of diversions; the first through Mount Farm and the second just a bit further past a large building project on the outskirts of Bollington. The route passed through plenty of woodland with bluebell accompaniments, sadly just a few days too early to see the bluebells at their best. 

As we ambled past the gentle hills of leafy Cheshire, White Nancy was stalking us, beaming out, reflecting the sun’s rays from the top of Kerridge Ridge through every gap in the trees.   We lost sight of her at the halfway point when I can only surmise she must have lost interest. Sadly, my photographic attempts to capture this phenomenon failed significantly. You can just about see a little bump atop the ridge in this picture; that’s her.

The end of the walk follows the road back into Prestbury but walkers are separated from the traffic by a hedge so this last section is more pleasant than it looks. 


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