The best laid plans are subject to change.

We’ve been looking forward to this holiday, as everyone does, believing ourselves to be in unique need of a break, a rest and a complete change of circumstances. 

We have booked a week’s accommodation on our favourite island, Symi, in the South Dodecanese. We usually book with Kaladoukas ( but our favourite travel guide and tour operator, Frances, has now left Kaladoukas for pastures new so we agonised over the decision to stay with Kaladoukas, find someone else on the island or even, heaven forbid, find another island.  Halki, we understand, is rather nice…

But we decided to stay with Kaladoukas and, I must say, so far we have been very glad indeed to have made that choice. 

We asked our new representative, Anna, to arrange ferries and transfers for us, which they have, at the reasonable rate of 85 Euros each.  And it has been our salvation as, not only have the ferries been on strike but, on the day we arrived the air traffic controllers staged a four hour walk out. The strikes are against the austerity measures which are squeezing the greek people dry and I wholeheartedly support the action.  

Luckily for us, because our airline (Monarch) texted and emailed to let us know of a delay but mostly because Kaladoukas have organised our transfers very smoothly indeed, we have suffered only minor inconvenience. 

Last night’s layover in Rhodes wasn’t as nice as Symi by any means but we made the best of it, walking round the beautiful medieval Old Town.. 

And eating there at a very forgettable restaurant but one which had the most unusual little trees as decoration.  I think they may have been grown around pots or urns and then, once the trees reach the desired shape, the pots are broken and removed. What do you think?


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