The Sun Always Shines on the Wirral

Torrents of rain pouring down the walls and dripping from the trees at home but as we drive to Thurstaston there’s a break in the cloud. The motorway spray shrinks from ocean blast to fine mist and I start to look forward to getting out of the car. By the time we are on the M53 the rain has stopped completely.

This is obviously some sort of divine compensation for Tranmere’s disappointing result yesterday (

Distance; 7 miles 3 hours 20 minutes including time out for soup and sandwiches. 

Route; Wirral way information centre past The Dungeon then to Thurstaston village, Thurstaton Common, Royden Country Park past Hill Bark luxury hotel up to Montgomery Hill past Royden Manor out of woodland to a housing estate then through Stapledon Wood, up to Candy Hill into Candy Village and back along the Wirral way.  We found the route in Jen Darling’s Walks in West Cheshire and Wirral.

Facilities:   More than adequate toilets in the useful Wirral Way information centre.  And some pubs on route e.g. The Cottage Loaf in Thurstaston 
This was an easy walk of 7 miles with only two or three sections of ascent.    One of these was a little challenging but there was plenty of opportunity to stop and admire the views.    

Easy walking for the most part along cool Woodland paths,  across fields and down leafy covered trails – on one of which we found ourselves being closely watched by baby faced alpacas. 


2 thoughts on “The Sun Always Shines on the Wirral

  1. one of these of which only one of those looks very nice and tropical or topical. I’m glad you had rain! and I’m glad your writing is so poetic! My rose bushes are sad due to lack of rain. Send some over please.

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