Field, sport, woods and waterways…

Route; From Disley on the A6 uphill across the canal to Disley Golf Club along the river and on to another golf course.  Then the route goes through woodland and over fields to the delightfully named Brook Bottom, through Strines past their very sweet dovecote in the village pond and back along the canal to Disley. Using East Cheshire Walks by Graham Beech again (this book is very clear and easy to follow). 

Distance; 7.5 miles 3hours 45 minutes (with a stop for a sandwich and a slight detour when we got a bit lost above Brook Bottom. 

Facilities; Car Park in the centre of Disley is free at weekends. No public toilets that I could see but plenty of pubs in Disley and the Fox Inn en route about 20 mins past the second golf course. 
As we walked up the hill out of Disley and across the canal, we passed the sort of pond, draped with creepers, where the detective usually finds an old Cadillac containing a body. Moving swiftly across the golf course, we left the scene of the crime behind and meandered through woodlands covered in hazy blue-grey patches of bluebells to cross the River Goyt.  Rolling hills and leafy waterways make this walk one of my absolute favourites. There is a fair bit of climbing, mainly in the first half and just after you leave the second golf course, but it’s well worth it with views of, at one point, Kinder Scout and, at other times, little toy town villages nestling on the hillsides.

Training going well although I did need a generous application of Vitamin I(brupofen) on my knee. Those hills were a little taxing at one point but it’s all good practice for Hadrian’s Wall. 


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