Teggs nose and Macc forest

Lovely open countryside just a couple of miles east of Macclesfield. 

Distance; 6 miles (2hrs 50mins with a break for lunch).

Route;  From the car park at Teggs Nose Country Park downhill towards Langley past two reservoirs then cutting across to Macclesfield forest and up over hills and fields to loop back towards the car park again. Used East Cheshire Walks; from Peak to Plain by Graham Beech. Directions and route was clear and easy to follow. 

Facilities; toilets and cafe at Teggs Nose car park and there’s also a pub half way round (can’t remember the name but it’s just as you go into Macc Forest). 
This walk has its fair share of difficult gradients. Firstly downhill from the car park where it’s quite rough underfoot, then after going past the two reservoirs uphill through Macc Forest and then more uphill as you climb over the top loop of this walk and in the return leg to the car park.  But all that climbing is rewarded with some clear and open views on this, the hottest day of the year so far. 

Need to keep increasing my mileage if I’m going to work up to 13 miles over Hadrian’s Wall in aid of Alzheimer’s Society). If I am to keep improving my stamina and strength the next walk should be at least 7 miles and maybe I could go up to Northumbria to check out the route soon? That would be a nice little trip out. 


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