Mud is thicker than water…

Distance; 5 and a half miles / 2 hours 25 minutes with a good stop for lunch

Route; From Crowton in Cheshire across fields to Acton Bridge, over the bridge on the A49 then along Dutton Bridleway, along the River Weaver to Dutton Locks (see photo above with their view of Dutton Viaduct) (no relation). Then back over very marshy land to Crowton again.  We used Walks in West Cheshire and Wirral by Jen Darling for directions. 

Facilities; The Hare and Hounds on the B5153 at Crowton makes a good start and end point with all the usual facilities. 
This 5 and a half mile walk was good practice in my efforts to get up to 13 Miles for my sponsored walk along Hadrian’s Wall in August. (For more information and to sponsor me if you would like to;  I am quite anxious about the prospect of walking 13 miles over difficult ground in Northumbria.  I hope that, if I can do 7 or 8 miles without problems on an afternoon walk like this,  I should be able to walk  13 miles in one go over the course of a full day. That’s the theory anyway.  So last week we did a lovely 4 and a half mile walk along the Limestone way (will get round to writing it up soon) and this week we have added an extra mile. I’ll soon be up to scratch…

I got some very good practice at difficult terrain when we crossed marshy ground.  I was covered from my toes to my calves in sloppy mud. My feet slurped and squelched in the ground and, at several points, I worried that I was never to recover my boot(s). Happily we survived to walk another day. Six and half miles next??


One thought on “Mud is thicker than water…

  1. I only did six muddy miles yesterday but I went to bed at 8.30 and slept through till 6.00. I think I have a way to go on building up my stamina ready for the Cornish Coastal Path in May! About the mud … have you tried gaiters? Not very flattering, but pretty useful. Easy to dispense with if you are going for an apres walk pub visit.

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