Second time around? Grappenhall Woods

This is the second time we’ve done this walk; the last was in May a couple of years ago. It couldn’t have been more different this time round. The air was crisp and cold, the many ponds and streams we passed were frozen and the frosty leaved woods seemed to shimmer around us.  

Distance; should have been 4 miles but we did about 5.5.   Only one and half hours if you don’t get lost…but 2 and a half if, like us, you do.

Route; from lay by on Broad Lane, Grappenhall cross road and take path up towards Lumb Brook Road then towards the Walled Garden – if closed, as it was today, walk round the garden; if open walk through.  Then through Grappenhall woods to the Millenium Wood and back to Broad Lane. 

Facilities; sadly, the only facilities en route were in the closed walled gardens. However there are a couple of very nice looking pubs in Grappenhall village on prettilycobbled Church Road. 

Last time we were here it was May, springtime weather. This time not so springlike!

On our first walk here we met a very interesting man who was on his way to watch a cricket match at Grappenhall.  His son, an ex England International, was now retired from international duty and playing for the local team.  This time, to mark the change in season, we met an Ice Boy,  a young man who had extracted a sheet of ice from a very large puddle (or a very small pond) and was modelling it in the same fashion that a police officer on crowd duty might show off his riot shield. We were suitably impressed but he said he got rather wet in the process. Sadly,  that is sometimes the price you pay for adventure. 

Luckily for us, however, although it was rather cold today there was no rain.    Consequently, as neither of us had the time or inclination to prise sheets of ice from the ground, we remained quite dry.


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