Stop Thinking, Try Looking…

At one point in this walk, as I was walking along, staring at the floor, obsessing about something stupid I had said over 40 years ago to someone I haven’t seen since 1974, I looked up. To my left was an old wooden water mill, ahead of me a lane framed by hedgerows, the whole covered in ivy.  What else had I missed while I’d been mulling over the past?

Distance; 7 miles (4 hours although the book, Pathfinder Guides Cornwall Walks,  says 3and a half).

Route; From Portloe over the fields to Veryan, from there uphill to the other worldly Melinsey Mill and through woodland and hedgerows to Pendower Beach then the coastal path back to Portloe. 

Facilities;  in the summer this walk is brimful of facilities; at Portloe, at Veryan, Pendower and Carne Beaches but, in winter, all are locked.

Portloe harbour, at the start of the walk;

View from the LOCKED toilets!

And this is what I almost missed while I was obsessing and catastrophising; 

Melinsey Mill

And this also; 

At the end of the Bocage section, Pendower Beach.

Strangely, I managed to stay focused for these bits.. the coastal path all the way back to Portloe.


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