St Mawes and a reminder or two why I don’t do pub grub

Actually, we had some lovely pub grub last night, in the Fountain Inn in Mevagissey.  Real excellent fish and chips, just what you want on holiday.  But it was spoilt by the loudest of voices, foulmouthed as only the righteous can be, booming from one end of the pub to the other.  He started with the five pound note, travelled through Brexit and immigration and ended with “if they don’t like it, they can leave”. So I stood up and said “Fine, I’m going”.

Shame as I was all ready for another drink and a dessert. But the walk back from Mevagissey (which is almost all uphill and hard going, usually) was rocket-fuelled by my anger.  Cheers!


Today we drove to St. Mawes, a traditional fishing village lined with thatched cottages and exceptional private gardens leading down to the sea.  

We ate in the Ship Inn but I made the wrong menu choice. I am nominally a veggie but, over the years, I have learnt that veggie dishes on pub menus are not for me.  Fish and chips, as I had last night, are usually more palatable. But today I was seduced by the promise of Beetroot and Goats Cheese Risotto.  It sounded lovely but, when the risotto arrived, it was of a type I’ve not seen since the 1970’s.  The Beetroot and Goats Cheese, however, being fairly solid, could easily be picked out of the rice and enjoyed. At least I managed to eat my dessert without interruption this time. And very nice it was too. 

The rest of St Mawes was a joy.  We walked up to the Castle;

Accompanied by a friend 

And, after lunch walked out of the village, over the fields, got lost, retraced our steps and walked back to the centre

And I must say that the facilities in the Car Park were excellent, although you did have to pay 20p for the privilege. 


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