Arrival and Orientation day

Started with breakfast of scone with clotted cream and jam.  It had to be done! Thanks to Sharon who left a cream tea in the fridge for us yesterday. Excellent scones and this is, of course, the best way to eat them. 

So then we wandered down to Portmellon to look at how last night’s high tide and gales have left the village…

But, from other angles, it still looks as picturesque as ever.

Then we walked up the coast road to Mevagissey which is well served for facilities; 

But does a mean line, as you would expect, in pasties which can be eaten while walking around the harbour.  Spicy chickpea for me and Steak and Stilton for spouse. 

After a trip to the asda for provisions and a watch of the football (Well done Marouane and Bainsey. Between the two of you you saved the day!). Spouse is now cooking dinner.  More tomorrow…


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