It’s a little bit windy…

Well, after the week from hell with multiple hospital appointments for both spouse and myself, it all went further downhill very rapidly when even the cat required urgent hospital treatment…

So, it was quite a relief when, this morning, we finally packed up the cat and took him to the cattery, then packed up the car and drove off.  Down M6, M5, A30 and countless minor roads we went, to arrive at this beautiful spot on the coast in South Cornwall. The cottage is manages to be both airy and warm at the same time and has a fine view down the hill to the sea.  And right at this moment, I’m watching that sea burst over the sea wall, time and time again.  The force of the water is tremendous and I can testify it is very, very wet. 

Earlier this evening we walked the half mile down the road into Portmellon for dinner in the pub.  We got within 50 yards of the pub but could go no further. At roughly five second intervals the waves were breaking against the sea wall and, bursting ten or fifteen feet up into the air and twenty feet across the road. Gallons of water poured into the front gardens of the little cottages that lined the harbour.  Every house had shutters on, protecting, I hope, the interiors from this relentless force.  

We stood watching for ages. The pub was so near. Our dinner was less than 100 steps away.  But we couldn’t get through.  I suppose it might have been possible to get past, if we’d have timed it right. But we could then have been cut off and had to stay in the pub till tomorrow! So back up the hill we trudged, soaked through and very hungry. 

Back at the cottage, the wind is howling and something unidentified is flapping and banging at the back door in a very wild, undisciplined way.  But who cares? We have hot chocolate, the local takeaway delivers and spouse has got the wood burner up and running. We’re on our holidays.  

(Sorry no photos today – will post them tomorrow). 


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