A message of peace from Hope on Remembrance Sunday

After a week when some of us felt all hope had abandoned us it was good to see this message outside of the Quaker Meeting House

Route; (in the peak district) Hope, Brough, Shatton, Quakers meeting house, Thornhill, Hallum Barn and back to Hope. Some steep ascents but mainly easy walking along well marked paths and some roads. From Short Circular Walks in the Peak National Park by Pat and Peter Tidsall (Ashbourne Editions). 

Distance; 6 miles, 3 Hours.  

Facilities; SHOULD HAVE BEEN TOILETS AT HOPE CAR PARK BUT THEY WERE CLOSED. SEE TEXT. You can tell i was upset, can’t you by the capitals.    Attempts to report this to the High Peak Borough Council (http://www.highpeak.gov.uk/hp/contact-us/have-your-say/comment-compliment-or-complain) sent me on a Kafka-esque merry go round of blank forms.  Try it for yourself, see if it works on your computer…


It was a bit warmer than last week and there were clear skies on the drive through Winnats Pass to the start of the walk at Hope. Stanage edge was on the horizon, a crisp rocky line against a blue sky touched with ice grey wisps of cloud.  

As we drove I felt secure in the knowledge that there were public toilets in the car park at Hope. When we got there the sign outside said that they were, indeed, open but the locked door said otherwise. The pub nearby was also closed but luckily there were a couple of lovely cafes nearby, with good clean available toilets. 

After a steep start we reach open views of Stanage and Burbage edges (I think). At times this path is very muddy and full of slurry at gates.  I splash through puddles to clean my boots. Thankfully the boots are pretty waterproof. 

The route passes through pretty villages and enclosed woodland.  Past Hallum Barn, on the last stretch, beech trees line the road.  They’ve managed to cling on, just about, to the last of the russet. Is this the end of autumn, my favourite season?

And, of course, I haven’t got all of the missing walks up to date yet.  I am still looking for the missing notebook. That’s my excuse and I’m sticking to it. 


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