Two weeks for the price of one

For some reason I never got round to writing up last week’s walk around Lathkill Dale so we have two walks in one today. What an improvement on the slovenly effort the week before!

21 August; Lathkill Dale

Distance; only 3.5 miles but a bit hilly..

Route; From Over Haddon car park you walk up through the village over fields and across the main road in the very general direction of Rowsley then back along Lathkill Dale past the Lathkill hotel and back to Over Haddon.

Facilities; Clean, functional, well maintained toilets in Over Haddon car park at the start of the walk.  No hot water but soap and hot air hand dryers.

Really pleasant, easy walk with a bit of up and down but not too much.



28 August; Heswall and the Wirral Way

Distance;  4.5 miles

Route; From the car park in Banks Road, along the shore and then back inland following the Wirral Way for a short while to the Dungeon (a dip in the valley floor) up the steps out of the dungeon, back through the outskirts of Heswall and then, to prolong the walk a bit, doubling back on ourselves to go along the Wirral way again emerging further up the beach.

Facilities; no toilets en route although there is a very lovely restaurant, Sheldrakes, just near the start of the walk.  If I were going in there, though, I think I might put a spare pair of going out shoes in the car boot, just to change into.


One of the best walks I’ve done for a long while.  Flat but interesting (with a bit of descent and ascent in and out of the Dungeon).  My favourite stretches of this walk are along the shore of the River Dee.  As you walk down Banks Road to the River, with the welsh coastline ahead, first one boat, the another appears with no, as yet, sign of water.  Small fishing boats, larger masted vessels and even one with a pirate flag, are all beached here. Will they ever see the sea again? It’s hard to tell as, to my untutored eye, none of them look particularly sturdy or seaworthy.  Still, they must be there for a reason… You continue along this shoreline with the welsh hills to your left and the expanse of the sea ahead.

DSC_1049Then inland to the Dungeon.  Disappointingly this is nothing to do with torture or imprisonment but merely an old word meaning land by the marsh.  Which, by the way, this walk was; very marshy indeed in places.  The Dungeon is lined with trees, cool and refreshing but takes a little effort to climb out of.

Had we simply walked back to the car park from here this walk would have been very short indeed so we extended it by back tracking a little and joining the Wirral Way again to emerge further up the shore.  We ate our lunch (a very tasty potato and radish salad prepared by spouse- well done chef!) sitting on the sea wall gazing at the welsh hills miles away across the very expansive shore.



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