Curbar Gap, Curbar Gap. Miles uphill to the Cur-bar Gap.

Normal service is now resumed after last week’s experimentally verbal content . Although I did try my best to rely on my memory as much as the photos.

Distance:  7 miles – about 3 hours. Or maybe a bit less. Quite easy walking with a lot of downhill stretches. The last mile or so uphill from Calver is a little challenging though!!

Route: From Curbar Gap up along Curbar and Froggatt Edges past the standing stones and down towards Grindleford, across fields to the village of Froggatt, along the banks of the River Derwent, through Derwent Vale, past Calver Mill and up, up, up Curbar Road back to the car park.

Amenities: no toilet  at car park but there is a lovely looking snack bar on holidays and weekends (not tried) and an ice cream van (tried and definitely not found wanting!).  Toilets near the end of route at the Bridge Inn opposite Calver Mill.

Froggatt Edge proved a beautiful place to sit and eat our sandwiches. The views over Froggatt and Grindleford villages are fine and there are plenty of climbers to watch if you need moving pictures.


Further along the edge, a little way off the path to the right, there is a circle of standing stones, a peaceful spot for reflection even on a busy day like today; the start of the school holidays.

After Froggatt Edge the path winds down through the woods to Grindleford. I never realised that there was a celebrity of this magnitude living in these parts;


After Pooh’s place, And after passing through the villages of Grindleford and Froggatt, the serene Derwent Vale path winds along the banks of the River Derwent through fragrant shrubs (Himalayan Balsam according to the information boards) and these huge leaved plants;


What are they called? Answers on a postcard please….

If you squint really hard at the picture above, you may be able to see, just above the bridge, the outline of Calver Mill. We know it as Colditz because it was used for the exterior of that POW camp in the acclaimed BBC series all those years ago.

It is well that the stretch along the River Derwent is so lovely and so easy to walk as, once you get over the bridge, it’s all uphill from here.

If it is any consolation, and it certainly was to me, there are Strawberry Mivvis in the Ice Cream Van in Curbar Gap car park. I heartily recommend them after that climb!


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