Distance; 5 miles, 2hrs 30mins

Route; from the church at Lower Peover, Cheshire,out past Stocks Lane Nurseries to Peover Superior, through the grounds of Peover Hall and back over the fields and meadows to Lowe Peover.

Amenities; none whatsover!

Last Sunday we set off from Lower Peover in Cheshire; a short walk of 5 miles along meadow, tree lined bridle paths, country lanes and farm tracks. Immediately, as we left the village, there was a sight that stopped me in my tracks. Just behind my left shoulder, the church and its graveyard was framed in vegetation.  I’ve never been to New Orleans but I’ve seen it in films and this is exactly what I imagine the Savannah to look like; curls of humid creepers extending from the tall trees, light filtering down through the leaves and, in the centre of the scene, an old and fashionably distressed Celtic Cross, some seven feet high, looming through the green.

I must get a snap of this for the blog, I thought, reaching for my phone. I focused and… nothing. No whoosh, no click, no battery.  How disappointing.  I struggled with it for a few minutes before I had to admit defeat.  What a klutz. Why didn’t I charge the battery before I left?  I stomped off up the track and into the buttercup meadows where we said hello to two beautiful and very photogenic ponies.

Further along, Buzzy Mc Buzzardface swept over the field to our right, hovering over something. Small birds chirped and whistled a warning but then he changed his mind. He’d seen something more interesting; us.  Just above us he floated; feathery wingtips clear against the blue. We could almost touch him.  Eventually he decided we were too big and troublesome to catch and he went off to bother the little birds again.

After a while we encountered the Wonderland world of Peover Hall, a collection of 16 century buildings, perfect topiary and lawns on which you expect to see flamingos used as croquet mallets.  General Patton’s HQ for the D-day landings, it was more recently the location for one of George Osborne’s meetings to attract investors to the Northern Powerhouse. Yes, I can definitely see that croquet game…

On the last leg of the walk we found a butterfly we’d never seen before.  It may have been a Grizzled Skipper which is not very common at all in this part of the woods.

I’m so annoyed with myself for letting the phone battery die but perhaps it has encouraged me to use my imagination more and to pay attention to my surroundings while I was actually there…


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