Anniversary Lunch- The Inn at Whitewell

Four years ago, when we got married in the Orangery at the Inn at Whitewell, we vowed to come back every year to celebrate our anniversary. We did; for the first year at least, then life got in the way but at least this year we managed to get there for lunch.  We ate in the same room we married in and were treated to the same beautiful view – of the lamb that the carnivore was eating!

The food was still excellent, the surroundings comfortable and the service friendly but one thing puzzles me; in a restaurant with white tablecloths, silver cutlery, good menus, why do the customers have to go to the bar to order drinks?  I hate going to a bar to order anything, especially a noisy, busy one. That’s why I booked a table in the restaurant.   We had to go to the bar to order and pick up our drinks – even my tap water! I really don’t know why they do this and, for my part, it spoils the whole experience.

Anybody know why this is?


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