Up Shutlingsloe…and up….and up….

Distance; 6.5 miles

Route; from Trentabank reservoir, through Macclesfield Forest, up Shutlingsloe (1659 ft), clambering down a very steep trail to Wildboarclough then to cross fields before turning back towards Macc Forest.

Amenities; well maintained toilets in Trentabank car park.  Pubs (Crag Inn and Hanging Gate) conveniently positioned at about the one third and two thirds points on the walk.

This six mile + walk was more strenuous than anything we’ve done recently and I am absolutely, totally and completely knackered now.  But also pleased that I managed to get to the top of Shutlingsloe to see this….

shutlingsloe 3

Mind you, I wasn’t so pleased when I realised how steep the path down from this was!!! I descended not by walking but by my patented process of sliding along boulders and strategic use of sticks©.

NB; at this time of year there are suckling calves and their mothers on the fields between Wildboarclough so take care when crossing these fields. There are notices on the stiles with advice as to what to do if there are any problems.




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