Box fresh dandelions


Distance; 7.5 miles (relatively easy walking)

Route; Through Primrose Hill Woods past Urchin’s kitchen and Summertrees cafe (as was) along the Sandstone trail and back across the fields to Utkinton Hall.

Amenities; No toilets but plenty of woodland!

  • My brothers will recognise the site of today’s walk – Delamere Forest – and will rejoice that at least one of us managed to find the place. We all still have nightmares about the bank holiday outing when ‘going to Delamere forest’ appeared to be code for driving aimlessly around Cheshire completely lost. Even today there were distinct echoes of that day.  Dreadful queues on the A54 and A556 meant it took hours to get here. But it was worth it.

The world looks so clean  as though it’s been washed and rinsed. Even the dandelions look bright and healthy.   Actually, the ground has been well washed, hasn’t it? The weather over the last few weeks has been enough to give the whole of the Cheshire countryside a real spring clean and, now that the cold snap is over, it’s all the better for it.

Although I’m posting this on a grey morning our walk took place on Sunday when the north west was bubbling away in a heat wave. This beautiful walk; 7.5 miles mainly through woods but with incredible views of the Cheshire plain, afforded us sufficient shade to enjoy the unaccustomed weather .



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