Holiday week! not abroad but even so….

Over Easter week Husband had a well deserved week off work and, although all did not go to plan, we managed to get out and about for a few days.

First off; a walk around Dovedale in the Peak District.  Our AA book ’50 Walks in the Peak District’ describes this as ‘Ivory Spires and Wooded Splendour’. More importantly it also says ‘Public Toilets; at car park.’  Yay!

It’s a walk that offers a variety of scenes; limestone peaks, gorges, caves and dales. Highly recommended. DSC_0695

Our second day out was in Manchester. The Manchester Art Gallery never disappoints even if some of its exhibitions are not what you expect.  The Imitation Game felt, to me, a little sparse.  In a world where we can buy a robot vacuum cleaner for £100 and we already have regular conversations with our phones, some of the exhibits felt a bit last century. Or am I missing the point?

Two other exhibitions hit the spot though.  Pat Flynn; Half Life of a Miracle was fascinating with its play on our visual perception and Modern Japanese Design was exquisite and fascinating. Well worth a trip to Manchester.

Next stop York and the Yorkshire Museum which has been on the telly quite a bit recently. That Alice Roberts appears to have spent a lot of time there digging up 11,000 year old pendants (or talking to other people who dug it up). It’s a friendly museum with lots to see and do for all ages and some very sad stories about extinct animals.  If you like Iceland and the Icelanders, don’t read the story accompanying the exhibit on the Great Auk.  More ‘Trapped’ than Bjork, if you get my drift.

The Museum Gardens are beautiful;


with some very interesting tenants.


Of course, the cathedral (£10 entry but this lasts a whole year)  was a highlight of the day with the beautiful East Window, currently under reconstruction, a must-see.

And rather than stand in the queue for Betty’s café; we bought a takeaway from the cake shop; two very sweet Japonaise plus beautiful sponge and marzipan mouse and pig.  MMMM… Just what you expect from Betty’s.

Our last day out was a walk from Marple Ridge, near Stockport.  The views are to die for here, although, consequently, the walk was very strenuous with a lot of ascent and descent.


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