Ponds in the ‘Place of Christians’

This one and three quarters hour, 4 mile, walk starts near, and returns to, the site of a church for over one thousand years; Christleton in Cheshire. Sadly, the first half of the walk was less than impressive. Much of it was on busy roads or across flat, muddy fields enlightened only by the numerous duck ponds of the area. I also have to report that the only toilet available is in the Ring O Bells pub.  By the time we passed the pub I was far too muddy to mix with the Cheshire set.

It was only when we walked back towards the village, drawing a figure of eight with the route and passing the church grounds, that this walk showed its true virtues. Blue patches lit up the horizon, hovering above hills still smothered in snow.


A crisp light filtered through the church yard. The hawthorn hedges were dotted with blossom and spring appeared to be doing its level best to start springing.

No wintry lions today but, fingers crossed,  it certainly feels as though the little spring lamb is round the corner. Let’s see what the weather brings next week….


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