Ennis to Cliffs of Moher via the Burren

Breakfast this morning in the Templegate Hotel, Ennis.

Continental breakfast cost 8euros 95 and included; pineapple and other juices, tea or coffee, cereal, croissants, toast, fruit, yoghurt and choice of jams.

I would have paid that price for the soundtrack alone. The recorded music in the restaurant featured; Nat King Cole ‘Smile’, Peggy Lee ‘Is that all there is’ and Ella Fitzgerald ‘The Sunny Side of the Street’.  The restaurant is called ‘Legends’.

After a start like that, what could possibly go wrong?

I drove out of the centre of Ennis at just after 11am… I was trying to get to Carran for a short loop walk recommended by Tourist Information in Ennis, who had also provided me with a foolproof map and directions.

Fool proof……..Apparently I mistook the R458 for the R476 and ended up on a single track road behind a tractor which kindly moved over to let me pass. Later I encountered a ‘road flooded’ sign and reversed back only to find the same tractor behind me. The driver could easily see that I was well out of my comfort zone and he gave me directions to set me on the right road. Or would have if only I had followed them correctly.

After an hour’s driving I encountered another sign ‘Welcome to Ennis’. Luckily I then started following the map rather than my nose and, in another half hour, I drove into Carran. Feeling the need for a wee I decided to visit the Perfumery a couple of km down the road in the expectation that they would have a clean and fragrant lavatory. They did.But I spent 50 euros in the perfumery so it was a bit of an expensive pit stop.
My walk from Carran was exceptional. Round a turlough (a seasonal lake) I admired the Irish method of stone walling and was impressed by the man taking his sheep dog for a walk.  His  method was to drive his car up and down the lane while the dog ran in front of him. I also saw evidence of husband’s theory that my life is like a Beano story.

DSC_0572I will avoid that field.  Glad I’ve got rid of my red coat.
Just coming up to the final stretch of my walk I saw another ‘Road Flooded’ sign; oh it will be alright for foot passengers, I thought. I would indeed have needed a ferry to cross it.

Getting back in the car after doubling back on myself to avoid the flood (good exercise in any case) I gave in and bought a mobile web bundle to access the maps and directions. These  got me safely to the retreat which is beautifully situated on the coast. The studio has to be seen to be believed. Lovely yoga session – splendid teacher, great co participants. Food is to die for and you can download their recipes on the site. http://www.cliffsofmoherretreat.com/retreats/yoga-meditation-retreat-michelle-2/

And now to sleep – meditation at 7.30 tomorrow



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