Industrial Scenes- But for how much longer?

fiddlers ferry


This walk from Daresbury Church through Daresbury Firs and along the canal suffers from proximity to industrial estates. There are no toilets in Daresbury but there is cover among the trees as you get above the village.

Most of the walk is in sight of the great concrete tower opened by Harold Wilson in the 60s and used for nuclear physics research.  It’s an imposing sight but a bit frightening when you think what could have happened when it was routinely used for nuclear experiments. Wonder what it is used for now?
Walked past nephew’s fave landmark from the credits of the sitcom ‘Two Pints of Lager’  and couldn’t resist a photo.  Listening to the news on the radio later, I learn that three quarters of this power station, Fiddlers Ferry, is earmarked for closure with the loss of many jobs. What appears to be an eyesore for the walker may be bread and butter for the local resident…


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