Beeston Castle; circular route past Peckforton Castle and Peckforton Mere

Just a short drive today (good for my travel sickness!!) to Cheshire. We start at Beeston Castle car park in crisp, cold sunshine, up the hill to Peckforton Castle, back across Peckforton Mere; enjoying glorious views of the Cheshire Plain.

There are toilets at Beeston Castle but, although tantalisingly near, I couldn’t find a way to access them without paying entrance money?

Without public toilets this is a difficult route for those of us with bladder weakness.  There are plenty of hidden places to go en route, much of this route being through old woodland, but there are hundreds of fellow walkers on much of the path.  Privacy is not guaranteed.

Still, it is worth the discomfort for the diverse views and woodland channels.  There are some challenging ascents and descents but my new boots proved worthy of the task.  I  survived with dry feet and unscathed toenails.

Just before the descent to Peckforton Mere we passed this tree;

john wesleys tree.JPG

Our walking book says that John Wesley preached here.  Time for some quiet reflection on tolerance of other faiths. There are many aspects of the evangelical religions that I disagree with but how could I decide who and what should be believed? None of us are qualified to make that decision.


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