Escape over Christmas; Days Five and Six

Very happily boring days mainly spent cooking and eating!

One point of interest, however, is our Christmas day walk through Canary Wharf/Isle of Dogs; four worlds in one day.  First; the obscene money feast that is the financial sector and, on this day particularly you couldn’t help reflecting on the emptiness of these beautiful buildings while people are freezing, homeless, on the streets. Then an area of old style ex-council flats in front of which are groups of young white men with dogs and young eastern European/Asian men with bicycles. This area is followed by an aspirational private housing estate which includes a number of ‘First start’ homes.  We finished our walk through the multicultural hub that is now Millwall.  This is not the Millwall I remember, but is now home to some very interesting looking curry houses and, as it was Friday afternoon, lots of men going to the mosque.

Throughout the whole walk we saw very few women, perhaps 1 in 10 of those we passed.  I understand that men often travel to mosque with other men and women might travel separately but what about all of the other groups we saw?  Food for thought.


Roof Garden in the Crossrail link building and its view of the city


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