Escape over Christmas; Day Seven


sWalking to the Gun on our last night; passing the O2 arena

Spent the morning revisiting the British Museum, especially the exhibition Egypt; Faith after the Pharaohs.  I found this fascinating although Husband, who is very interested in history, was disappointed. I was astounded by the revelation that every synagogue retains certain documents from their congregations and the Ben Ezra Synagogue in Cairo had a collection of 130,000 documents dating over centuries which, in effect, plotted the everyday life of its members, Cairo and the surrounding areas. The documents included copies of children’s story books, poetry, marriage documents, business contracts and personal letters. around the beginning of the 20th Century these documents were brought to Cambridge for study and, incredibly, scholars are still working their way through them today.

In the afternoon, we walked to the docklands museum; a hotch potch of information about the docks, their construction, history and the ships that have sailed from here. very interesting but a bit overwhelming.

for our last meal of our holiday we returned to The Gun. As there was not the most amazing choice of vegetarian options I had to plump for the Veg pethivier again.  Not a hardship at all!!! delicious.

BTW; The Gun had a very strong theme, relating directly to the area’s naval tradition,  centred on Nelson and Trafalgar.  This was, we thought, a bit harsh on the mainly French staff.  The theme continued throughout the pub including the names on the male and female toilet doors; Horatio and Emma.



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