Escape over Christmas; Day Four


On Day Four we drove south to the Greenwich Foot tunnel and were able to park very close to the entrance of the tunnel. It’s not for people who have difficulty with stairs; as we approached the entrance we saw a couple of very fit types descending with their bikes on their shoulders, ‘if they can do it carrying a bike, it can’t be many stairs’ we thought.  THIS IS WRONG!! There are hundreds of stairs and I would recommend the lift for most people.

Still it is a pleasant walk underground along this relic of our industrial past.  The tunnel was built in 1902 to allow workers and others to access the docks on the Isle of Dogs. It is a listed building/structure and is much improved in terms of both access and safety since my last visit here in the late 70s.

On the other side we found Goddard’s famous pie shop where there was little in the way of food but much in the way of atmosphere and ambience for this vegetarian.  The meat eaters very much enjoyed their pie, mash and liquor but drew the line at jellied eels.


After a stroll through the busy market we walked along the river front passing the imposing Naval College and Hospital buildings as well as a few fondly remembered pubs before settling in the Gypsy Moth for a well deserved drink.


in the foot tunnel


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