Running away from Desmond

With the tail end of storm Desmond, thankfully, missing us, we toddled off to Thorpe, Derbyshire, for a therapeutic hike along the Tissington trail and beyond (not too far beyond, this was only a gentle 5 miles, 1 and three-quarter hours walking).  The day brought stories of people in Cumbria and the borders being plucked out of their beds by the emergency services, away from their homes until after Christmas, and cars floating down rivers that were streets minutes ago.

We parked in the Tissington trail car park in Thorpe and set off up the easy, straight trail.  One and a half miles up the trail was the Tissington picnic site, car park and, you’ve guessed it, toilets.  Spartan and basic, but clean and functional.

Just past Tissington we spied a derelict house of heavy square bricks, built in 1855, which, if she had ever passed this way, would surely have caught the eye of Miss Emily Bronte.

Apart from that, the highlights of this easy walk were; sheep, trees bald of leaves and bright red berries studding the twigs.

A meditative walk to blow the cobwebs away and count our blessings.


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